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HDMA Standard Product Information - Pharmaceutical Products

August 2013

The information conveyed about new products has critical downstream implications which affect the appropriate receiving, handling and storage at the distributor’s facility and farther along the healthcare supply chain. With input from its members, HDMA has developed a standardized format for the information about new pharmaceutical products. 

Revised in 2013, the form now includes a third page for product designated as drop-ship only. The form’s first two pages have also been revised to include additional product information and streamlined, particularly regarding item and packing information and serialization. Page Two includes more hazardous identification and transportation questions and asks if there are any REMS, registry or class of trade restrictions on the product.

The new form has additional space in previously limited fields, and is now available in Excel format (.xlsx) as well as in writable .pdf format.   

For information about the form, please contact Marjorie DePuy at or 703-885-0283.

Instructions for HDMA Standard Rx Product Information Form PDF download file

HDMA Standard Rx Product Information Form Excel 2007 download file
  Writable PDF download file

Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) - download from Adobe Web site

The HDMA Standard Product Information Form was developed for the introduction of Rx products. There may be other information relevant for the introduction of OTC products (e.g., other bases for marketing) not referenced on this form.

At this time, we do not have plans to develop one specific to OTC or devices.
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